Little People Meal Pack

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Meals Per Pack (Week)

3 meals
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6 meals (+$13)
7 meals (+$17)


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An appropriately sized pack for healthy kids on the go! Small meals with kids in mind. These won't adhere to the same strict limitations as our regular meals. Mac and Cheese and other "bad" foods will make an appearance, but fresh made all-natural items will still be what these meals are made of. There will be vegetables, so these are not for the ultra-picky kids, but the sides will stick to the basics and you are welcome to let us know a few things to stay away from. No seaweed salad or anything like that, we pinky swear.

Our meal plan menu is updated weekly and posted every Friday. Orders are accepted until Sunday at midnight. You can order or edit your subscription until that time. At that point, orders are processed, prepared, packed, and will be sent out for delivery, ready for pickup by Tuesday afternoon.
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